Jose Ortiz
CPA & Certified Tax Coach
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Hi, my name is José, and I'm a relationship-oriented CPA. I differentiate myself from other accounting and tax professionals by offering my clients superior value, individualized attention, and a tangible return on investment. Yes, you read this correctly - I am CPA who provides an actual return on investment! I distinguish my services from the average CPA because I am a Certified Tax Coach. While the average CPA creates and files your tax return, they rarely take the time to advise you on the over 400 tax strategies that are available to taxpayers. That's because: 1. They do not specialize in tax reduction strategies. 2. Tax planning can be complicated, and 3. They do not have the time to provide such a highly individualized service. My services center around tax planning with support services such as bookkeeping, business compliance, financial advisory, tax preparation, and back office software consulting. We work with small business owners, real estate professionals, and investors.

Here’s How You Can Skip Your Next Tax Payment!

I can’t predict how much your session might save you. But you’ll know as soon as you send in your tax returns for my free analysis. I’ll review them in detail and look for mistakes and missed opportunities. When we meet for your complimentary mini-tax planning session, I’ll share with you what I find so you can begin saving immediately. Business owners just like you have used our strategies to save thousands, year after year. You owe it to yourself to ensure you’re not missing any legal savings. Ready to book your complimentary Mini-Tax Planning Session? Simply click on the link above to book a meeting at your earliest convenience.

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